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asyNchronOus EventS

Some of our past events are available for asynchronous participation.  You may purchase a ticket to receive live resources for joining us in dialogue across time and space.

Our ticket tiers for asynchronous events are as follows:


indigenous perspectives on decolonial futures:

Engaging Global South perspectives in debriefing and reflecting upon indigenous outlooks on decolonial futures

Applying philosophies and concepts to the real-world predicament of land rights across the Global South

Featuring indigenous and non-indigenous speakers in discussions on decolonial futures for land rights, ecosystem management and re-establishing cultural connection to land

Featuring speakers
Sinegugu Zukulu, South Africa
Mariann Bassey-Orovwuje, Nigeria

Meggie Nolasco, Philippines
Beverly Longid, Philippines
Angela Kaxuyana, Kahyana, Amazon
Tainá Aragão, Brazil

Featuring stories
Last Stand against Adani, Australia
Last Warning, Brazilian Amazon
Sabokahan Unity of Lumad Women, Philippines


18th September 2021


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tiCket RevenUe

Revenues from our ticket sales go towards the speakers we've invited to share their perspectives, the performers who are sharing their creativity with us, the transcriptionists and subtitlists, and lastly the POSSIBLE FUTURES Crew.


You are welcome to add donations on top of your ticket payment - 100% of which will be donated to the communities centred in the event(s) of your choice.

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