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    SamAntha SuppiaH, SouthEast Asia

    is a trickster-in-training, a systems navigator, and a creative disruptor, manifesting as a sustainability strategist and chartered engineer in the field of urbanism and architecture.  She weaves South-South regenerative dialogue, leadership and design.​

    SahaNa ChattOpadHyay, InDia

    is an explorer of emergence, sensemaking and thrivability in a complex, ambiguous world.  An experienced facilitator and collaboration coach, Sahana researches and embodies systems thinking and regenerative principles.

    Anna DeNardiN, BrAzil

    is a graphic designer and researcher in architecture and urbanism, who investigate possibilities of intersection between biomimicry, regenerative design and indigenous traditional ecological knowledge to reimagine the ways of inhabiting a more than human world.

    NoliTa MvUnelo, SoUth AfRica

    is a chemical engineer with a deep interest in the large scale utilization of social innovation to solve African problems. Does this by empowering entrepreneurs and their businesses, empowering youth to become entrepreneurs, driving and facilitating dialogues about desirable and possible futures.

    ChristiNa miRasoL SaysOn, PhilippinEs

    seeks truth in environmental justice, gender equality, and indigenous rights.  In her studies on socio-cultural anthropology and anthropologies of sustainability, Christina believes that human diversity and altruism are the keys to our continued survival as a species on this finite planet.