The Crew

The POSSIBLE FUTURES Crew is comprised of Global South women with staunchly decolonial, anti-imperialist perspectives.

Our backgrounds are highly varied and cross-sectoral: anthropology, sustainability, change management, business innovation, visual design, urbanism, clinical health, societal wellbeing, stray welfare, environmental justice, planetary regeneration.

The Crew is at the core of the Collective, a fluid, extended group of folk who support events, initiatives and projects run by the Crew - and in turn host events, initiatives and projects themselves, inspired by their own decolonisation processes.

Our professional ecosystem includes

Samantha Suppiah

Anna Denardin

Christina M. Sayson

Luiza Oliveira

Athena Mercolisia

What we do

We advance the global decolonial movement by establishing avenues to challenge colonial hegemony in entrenched industries.

We design and facilitate dialogues, workshops, short- and long-form courses, and collaborate with trusted partners on creative and experimental initiatives. We speak at international events and guest lecture at universities.

In pooling together our experiences and leveraging our global networks, we are building our best attempt to undo violence and oppression brought about by colonial hegemony and globalised extractive capitalism.