We offer separate courses for Global South and Global North folk.  Our roles in colonial hegemony are markedly different - hence the nature of the learning is markedly different.

We also offer them at different prices on different tiers to recognise the relative economic privilege experienced by the Global North.  Our courses start at EUR 50 for Global South folk and EUR 200 for Global North folk.

If you're not sure where you might fit, here are a few questions that might help:



Waiting lists are currently active.  We will be waiting for a minimum of 15 people per course.

WHO we think we are

We are independent consultants and depend on revenue-making initiatives and projects to draw in salaries to support ourselves and our dependents. We think we're pretty good at what we do here at POSSIBLE FUTURES, hopefully bringing value to folk like yourself. We have a shared ambition to make this our real jobs and make a living out of our work here.

Here's where we would like the POSSIBLE FUTURES project to go:


PaymeNt DetAilS

direct bank transfer in GBP, EUR or SGD

online card payment (card fees and currency fees apply)

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WHAT we think we're doing

We are centring the perspectives of a massive diversity of Global South peoples as an attempt to make visible colonial hegemony present everywhere in our complex human-made systems today.

We think by making this visible, we can start to build allyship across divisions and begin to get down to the real work of systems change through the lens of power.

This is why POSSIBLE FUTURES is the core of the work of the Collective that extends to our cities and our organisations.

Your support today helps us get started in doing this work tomorrow.