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POSSIBLE FUTURES deliberates what regeneration of the Global South might look, feel, sound and smell like. We hold space for Global South folk to explore and proudly embody

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We curate dialogic spaces of exploration through discussion and creative expression with thinkers and artists - so that we might

NaviGate witH WayfiNderS.

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Two 2h sessions in different time zones to give you a feel of the course

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Current sustainability and regeneration discourse is monopolised by Eurocentric narratives that ignore traditional ecological knowledge and Global South realities.

Nations that are former colonial powers are often called

"dEvelOped", "aDvancEd" or "WealThy".

The parts of the human world which experience these systemic privileges we call the Global North.

the GloBaL      SouTh     isn't poor, 


it'S ExpLoiteD.

Hegemony refers to a cultural domination that permeates our institutional systems.

It shows up as extractive trade policies and globalised capitalism. It shows up as growing inequality and systemic oppression. It shows up as cultural tolerance for, and justification of, discriminatory behaviours and practices.

Chico Mendes, Brazilian rubber tapper, trade union leader and environmentalist, famously said,

environmentalism without class struggle is JusT GarDeniNg.

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